Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Table

As I sit typing at my table I am overcome with the items I see on it

Vicks Baby Rub
A digital Yahtzee game
White Out
Crumpled paper
A ruler
Large metal spoons
An attachment to my frosting tube
An extra keyboard
A stapler
A wall outlet cover

All of these items were taken away from one of my kids since 5pm today. How they found most of these items is a head scratcher. Beck brought me my hairspray stating that one of the babies had it. He did the same thing with the Baby Rub, which I thought was being stored in the top shelf in our medicine cabinet.

My kids know how to use the roll on white out. They roll it on everything. Thankfully I caught them early this time. The crumpled papers had important notes I had taken for work on them and also some forms for the IRS. Hopefully they won't mind crumpled paper

The frosting attachment was taken out of Trey's mouth. They can now reach in the back of the top drawer. I need to find someway to stunt their growth!! I didn't actually take the spoons away, but I'm almost certain Tate is the culprit behind them being on my table as opposed to the silverware drawer.

I'm a little concerned about the wall outlet cover, because I can't seem to figure out which outlet it came from. The Yahtzee game was taken away because it was being used as a weapon, as was the ruler. The keyboard goes with my work stuff. Yes, I use two keyboards sometimes. Beck thought it was cool to see staples fly out of the stapler when he hit it hard. I need to find a new and cleaver spot for that.

So now I put things back and find new places for others. Ah the life of a mother!

The Dentist

Today I took all three boys to the dentist. Beck has been before and does very well. The twins however, were on their first trip. They don't do well at the doctor, so I was nervous how they would react. I searched high and low to find this pediatric dentist and he is AWESOME!!

About a year and a half ago I took Beck to the dentist because I noticed one of his front teeth was turning brown. I always saw a commercials on cable for a pediatric dentist in Orem named Dr Howell. I took Beck in and he told me that both of his front teeth needed to be extracted and it would have to be done at the Timpanogos Hospital. He also had 4 cavities, one in each of his newest molars. He basically told me Beck's mouth was going to rot out unless we pulled those teeth out immediately and I scheduled a surgery for a week later. I left his office crying. Beck doesn't drink soda unless he sneaks someones leftover Coke at Grandma Coy's house. He takes fluoride tablets daily, brushes his teeth and his sugar is limited. Not to mention he had just turned two and he had only had his molars for a couple months.

I started asking around to find another dentist to get a second opinion before Dr Howell took my two year old's teeth. I heard time and time again about Timpanogos Pediatric Dentistry. We went there, I told them nothing of his previous appointment. I was told the reason his tooth was browning was due to a blood vessel that burst. It was caused by some sort of impact to his mouth. The tooth was not dead. He did not need surgery and he had no cavities! There is a possibility the tooth could die at some point, but this new dentist said we would know. He would be in a lot of pain.

Needless to say we have been going there every since. They have a great office and it is super hero themed which is great for my boys. They also leave with a goodie bag that has a small toy and toy story stickers along with a toothbrush, toothpaste and a Buzz Lightyear flosser.

The twins did OK. About as good as you could expect. Other than the fact they ran around like crazy while I was filling out the 8 pages of paper work for their first visit. So we got to see every room in their office pretty extensively. Once Tate realized that the dentist was "counting his teeth" as we call it and not injecting him with something horrible he was fine. Trey was a little less fine, but no major meltdown... until we tried to leave that is. I had to carry out both twins screaming and crying under my arms like barrels while Beck opened doors for me. All the legos and superhero toys were too much to leave behind.

I thought, as I drove to the dentist, that I should take pictures to commemorate this occasion, but I never got a chance to take my phone out of my pocket, let alone my camera from my purse. I was either chasing a twin or holding one down.

The end result: No cavities for all = a good visit!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Monday nights have become a night that we all dread in our home and that reason is: Family Home Evening. When we tell our kids to come and sit down and listen to our very brief lesson something in their minds tells them to either start screaming, run away, tackle one another or all of the above.

I know they don't act this way at church. If they did their teachers would surely be coming to pull us out of our meetings. I also realize it's easier to sit down for someone else than Mom or Dad, but I try to only have a five minute lesson, with an opening and closing song. All of which should easily be accomplished in less than ten minutes. Tonight our lesson lasted 47 minutes.

We have given up on the twins sitting down. It's just not practical. As long as they are not hitting, tackling, screaming or about to cause themselves bodily harm they are free to roam.  However, Beck kept chasing the twins, singing random songs loudly or running away. The twins built towers out of toys to stand on, so they could turn lights on and off along with screaming and throwing toys. I think we broke up the kids' wrestling matches about a dozen times.

Maybe one day very far from now we will be able to sit down in a civilized manner for ten minutes. Sadly I don't see that in our foreseeable future. I cringe at the thought of the twins being three. At least we are getting gold stars in heaven for trying   :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is Shining Through

Finally there was a spring day that my children were healthy for! We also realized that Tate and Trey had never run around at a park. When they were really little last summer they loved the swings, but they hadn't been down a park slide. Feeling a little guilty that my poor boys were missing out on that experience, off to the park we went. Needless to say, they loved it! Although they both were nervous about walking on the bridges and walkways, because you can see through them. It took them almost the whole time to feel comfortable enough to walk on them without me.

Their favorite part was just running with all the kids and attempting to climb up the slides. Tate cried in the car for about ten minutes when we finally left. 1 mom + 3 boys running in different directions = ?? Thankfully Randy was there today. I'm nervous to find out the end of that equation.

Randy and Jenna Forever

Today is our fifth anniversary! I can’t believe it has already been this long! I know I’m not the easiest person to live with and I’m grateful to Randy for putting up with me and all that he does for me and our family. Five years ago I never would have imagined that we would have three little boys, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Here's to an eternity more!!

King Tate

Tate has an obsession with spoons. Or basically anything that looks like a staph, hence the name King Tate. He always has to carry one around. His spoon of choice is my white plastic cooking spoon. The first thing he does every morning is go to the drawer in the kitchen to get his spoon, unless I can't get it away from him the night before. Lately he has been sleeping with his spoon. I'm not sure where this all came from, but it does make it easier to tell the two apart. Just look for the spoon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day

We are not huge celebrators on St. Patrick's Day, but I made a yummy Key Lime Poke Cake. This is the stock picture, because it's much prettier than my own, but it did taste yummy. I put a little more green food coloring in my filling to make it more St Patty's Dayish.

Click here to get the yummy recipe

I contemplated making a traditional St Patrick's Day feast, but Randy had football practice at the U of U and they feed him after practices. I didn't feel the need to make a big dinner for myself, since my kids wouldn't touch corned beef and cabbage with a ten foot pole.

I did however dress my kids in green. Beck didn't want to get dressed, as always, so Randy told him he had to put green on or he would get pinched. I've never seen him get dressed so quickly! So here my boys gettin' their green on. Lets face it, who doesn't love to look at these beautiful faces!




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daylight Savings

First and foremost, daylight savings time was definitely thought up by men. No woman would say, "How about twice a year we change the clocks, so that our children spend a week or two on different schedules and we can then sit and listen to the screaming that occurs with a changed schedule." Every year I contemplate moving to Arizona, where to don't observe daylight savings.

With Tate and Trey being sick and me being up all night with sick kids we aren't getting up until 10:30am, but one week ago it was only 9:30am. My whole day is thrown off! I'm trying to get everyone back on a permanent schedule, but I find myself feeling much like this cartoon.
Just replace the dog and cat with two more kids

Our new friend.... Pneumonia

The twins have now branched out in their illnesses. I think I was getting a little too comfortable with what they are usually sick with, so something new had to be added in. They first got sick Monday, March 7 with croup. If you know Tate and Trey at all you know that them having croup is like paying bills every month. It comes at the beginning of every month and there is nothing you can do to stop it. This bout of croup, however, was particularly awful. I was constantly in the bathroom steaming them to open their airways. I restricted everyone's hot water use to ensure I would be able to steam them at any given moment.

By Thursday all my methods for treating croup were not working. This usually means they have bronchiolitis, which is basically the croup has moved into their lungs. This usually requires breathing treatments and occasionally going to see a respiratory therapist at the hospital. The majority of the time they get croup it is followed with bronchilitis. Basically nothing new, I thought. Although there was one thing that was out of the ordinary. They had fevers that I couldn't control.

I took them in to see their doctor Thursday, because I figured they probably had ear infections on top of it all and that is what was casing their fevers. Their pediatrician found double ear infections in both of them. Their breathing was not great and he told me if their fevers didn't break overnight we were probably dealing with pneumonia.

Low and behold, Tate's fever didn't break. Trey's did. Tate was a steady 103 degrees all night long. I took Tate to the doctor Friday, he immediately sent me to the hospital to do x-rays. Also, Tate had no desire to eat or drink. I couldn't get anything in him.  So after the x-ray, which showed pneumonia in both lungs, we were off to pediatrics to hydrate him and monitor his breathing and give him a HUGE dose of antibiotics.

After about 8 hours, they let Tate come home. He was hydrated enough for the night and his breathing was sufficient. Friday night Trey's fever returned. I took them both in Saturday morning. Trey also has pneumonia, but not as sever as Tate. They are breathing good enough to stay out of the hospital and I am still on an endless quest to keep them hydrated. They both have bacterial pneumonia, which is just treated through antibiotics.
Tate with his IV. It took about an hour and a half to get it in.
He was so dehydrated his veins collapsed the second they poked it.
We are now almost sleeping through the night. Breathing better everyday and it isn't such a chore to get them to drink. I think the end of pneumonia is in sight! Somehow I feel though, that Friday was not the last time we will see the pediatrics floor. Tate and Trey were born six weeks early and I was aware it meant their lungs would be under developed. I just had no idea what kind of effect that was going to have for years to come. They most likely have asthma on top of everything which keeps causing all these horrible respiratory problems. Sadly, you can't give a firm diagnosis until they are around three or four years old, but everything we do to treat their illness as the same as treating asthma.

So with our illness for March almost over, I sit patiently waiting to see what illness April will bring.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monsters and Pee All Over

My darling son Beck has a very real fear of monsters. He believes them to be everywhere once it is dark. He loves the movie Monsters Inc, but I think part of his fear stems from this movie. He is constantly worried that a monster is going to come through his closet and take him away. He is always telling me he is scared that someone will take him away from me forever. I also think that my spending nine weeks in the hospital, while I was pregnant with the twins, doesn't help this fear. I did leave and didn't come back for a long long time.

With this fear of monsters Beck had been coming to sleep with us A LOT! At first I felt bad for him, because he was so scared. Then he started acting like he was just automatically going to sleep in our room and for mommy to be saine everyday I need to get sleep. I don't get sleep with Beck in the bed.

We got a nightlight, I tried to dispel his fears of monsters and told him he had to sleep in his bed again. The first night went OK. He got out of bed about 20 times to ask me something, or tell me something, but finally ended up in his bed.

The second night he came in around 3am because he had wet his bed. I cleaned him off, threw his sheets in the laundry and let him climb into bed with us. It was a little odd, because he had never wet the bed. Since the day he decided he wanted to potty train he has never had an accident.

The third night he again comes in at a horrid hour because he had wet the bed. I go into his room to get his sheets and his blankets were all folded over the foot rail of his bed and all this stuffed animals were carefully set on the floor, as if he had planned this bed wetting. I ask him why he wet the bed. He replied "So I can sleep with you" I was a little suspicious the first time it happened and now my suspicions were confirmed. He still got to sleep in our bed that night and yes I realize how counter productive this was. I don't function well at 3-4am, so there was no way I was going to sanitize a bed for him to go back to sleep in.

Now the fourth night, before bed, Randy and I explained to Beck that he cannot sleep in our bed anymore. He looks me square in the eye and says "Then I'll just pee all over." So I stared right back at him and said "Fine. You now have to wear a diaper to bed." He looked at me dumbfounded. He did not expect that move.

Sure enough I strapped a diaper to his bum and sent him to bed. He woke up dry and in his own bed. This was several nights ago and he hasn't had a problem wetting the bed since. But the monster problem is still very much there.

I have heard many people say they spray the monsters to kill them before bed. I tried this. I dug out an old spray bottle, filled it with a little water and he went to town killing monsters. But he thinks he should coat everything in water. I do not like this. I have woken up at midnight to find him filling this water bottle to kill more monsters. This shooting of the monsters is clearly not working. It has turned into a fun way to stay up late and ruin his furniture.

I'm out of ideas and sick of fighting to get him to go to bed for hours on end as I try to convince him there are no monsters. If anyone has any great "get rid of monsters" cures please share!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Six months ago, while I was at the zoo with the kids and my mom, we got a phone call from Trevor saying he had just sworn into four years with the army. Needless to say we were quite surprised and sad. That six months went by fast! Right now he is officially on a plane to boot camp in Georgia.

On Friday we went out to dinner with my parents and Trevor at the Brick Oven.
The highlight was they had a guy going from table to table making balloon animals, well things out of balloons. We didn't get any animals, but he was really amazing.
Beck got Iron Man

Tate got a Little Green Man
Trey got Buzz Lightyear. Here he is helping Buzz fly.

On Saturday we all went to Tooele, so Trevor could say goodbye to the Colledge family. We ate at the local Chinese restaurant, Sun Lok Yuen.
Trevor enjoying his Orange Chicken
All the cousins loved the fish tank.
 Monday we went out to lunch at Joe's Cafe with some people from Trevor's ward before he had to report Monday afternoon. *On a side note, if you have not yet eaten at Joe's it's amazing!
Notice Tate's meltdown. He should've been down for a nap
about 5 minutes before I took this picture.

Saying goodbye to the twins.
They put Trevor up in a hotel in Salt Lake for the night. Tuesday morning he had a swearing in ceremony, which I think this was the third time they had him do this, followed by a physical. After the physical he had the day off. My parents were able to spend the rest of the day in Salt Lake with him. He is now on his way to nine weeks of boot camp. After boot camp they give him his cell phone back and we will be able to have contact with him on a regular basis for the next fourteen weeks he is in training.  

I love him and I will miss him a lot. Thankfully I think all my crying is under control for now. Trevor gets to come home after he completes his training, but not for long. It sounds like it will be about a week and then he will find out where he will be stationed. I'm already crossing my fingers it won't be Iraq, but I don't know that the odds are in my favor.

I tried explaining to Beck what was happening and I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand, but he is going to miss his Uncle Trevor. Trevor has been such a great uncle and my kids are really going to miss him. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

They're Organizing....

Yesterday was the day I have feared since the twins were babies. For starters the twins learned that one can create a distraction while the other gets into something they shouldn't. The really horrible part was, as it appeared to me, Beck was the mastermind behind it all.

Yesterday started with Randy being home in the morning. He had to work in the afternoon and had meetings that ran late last night. I love my husband, but Monday thru Friday I have a very specific routine. Every morning goes like this: Wake the children, make the childrens beds, clean the children, feed the children, clean the children again, clean up the mess from the childrens breakfast, then we work on colors, shapes, alphabet and numbers for 45 minutes, the children play with toys, the children eat again, I clean the children again, then they watch Spongebob for 30 minutes and then the twins take their naps. They love their routine when done correctly, but Daddy was home. This ment rough housing and playtime was done at different times that Mommy liked and it created very hyper children. No one wanted to go through their shapes, colors etc. All the boys were running through the house destroying everything in sight.

I spent most of my day chasing three tornadoes around cleaning up the wreckage. It started when they emptied all their toy boxes, opened up all the toys stored in totes, and dumped all the legos everywhere. As I tried to pick up a small area to walk, they emptied the linen closet and it got worse from there. I will give the highlights of each child.

Trey took the tote for his legos and used it to get into the silverware drawer. He then proceded to dip all the silverware in the butter dish and place them back in the silverware drawer. 

Tate got the graham cracker fish down and thought it would be fun to suck on the fish, take them back out of his mouth and then smear them all over whatever was near him, couches, walls, carpet etc.

Beck found some green food coloring and emptied it in the toilet. I was a little nervous at first thinking his pee was green, but I was relieved to find the empty vial of food coloring behind the toilet. And my surprise this morning was to find that he had put some of the food coloring in my water squirt bottle. So when I sprayed Tate's hair this morning it gave him a nice greenish glow. But Beck's true highlight from the day was realizing that if he throws his sippy cup really hard on the ground the white stopper comes off the lid and the juice just flows freely. And what better way to use the juice than to sprinkle it all over the carpet. Because according to Beck "the purple makes the carpet look pretty"

Other highlights from the day that I don't know who to give credit to were: taking all the papers off the fridge and throwing them everywhere, destroying most of my magnets in ways I didn't know were possible, finding their Christmas candy and scattering it everywhere, unrolling the brand new roll of toilet paper all over the floor in the bathroom and somehow getting it all wet, and shoving grapes (which I'm not sure how they got those) down the ball shoot in one of their toys.

No one was injured in this pilage of my home, so I guess that was a triumph. Plus the boys all had a lot of fun with eachother. Usually there is fighting and crying over every little toy, but they worked together to create one mess of a mom. The more destruction they created the more fun they had together. Beck was there cheering them on and whispering ideas in their ears. The twins loved the attention and praise they were receiving from Beck and so it continued until I finally got them to sleep. Also, I should note that this whole time they thought they were fighting off aliens, pirates, monsters and other things I can't remember now. All of the destruction fit into their story line somehow.

Most days don't flow this way and the damage isn't always so severe. By the time Randy came home I had cleaned the carpets, swept, mopped picked up all the toys, and put the kids to bed. I sometimes wonder if he thinks I just make up these stories about kids. But I am here to say all of these events, sadly, are true.

Jumping on the bandwagon....

I love to read blogs. Especially blogs from other mothers. I really love the ones who post their struggles with their children. It helps me feel better about mine. I also feel that blogging might be somewhat therapudic and seeing as how some days I feel I'm a short step away from the padded white room I think need all the help I can get.

My goals for this blog are three fold:
1. To document events from our lives
2. To release my thoughts
3. To hopefully bring a smile to someones face with our crazy lives

When I told Randy last night I was going to start blogging he thought that's what I did on Facebook. After a further discussion and realizing that he had never been on a blog I am typing this in part for him as well. So now he can say he has read a blog.