Monday, November 7, 2011

on our way to FLORIDA!!

Monday July 18 we left for sunny Florida. The boys all did so well! We had to wake up at 3am to get ready to leave to the airport. So I'm sure the fact they were so tired helped, a lot.

The twins were lap riders, but thankfully there was one extra seat on the plane and Tate got it. There were 21 of us on the flight. 15 total kids ranging 16-0. 10 of those kids were 7 and under. Needless to say we went straight to the back of the plane, but all the kids were great.

The boys getting ready to take off.


Tate and Trey were so excited to fly like Buzz. As we took off they got all the kids to say "to infinity and beyond" and put their hands up in the air like they were flying. It was awesome.  Sadly there is a rule on the plane that you can only have 4 people per row. So Randy had to sit on the row across from us with one of the kids. That was the only downfall of our flight.

This was the view from my window
And here are the twinners sleeping. It made the flight quiet relaxing to have them sleep the last 2 hours.
In case you're wondering what that is on their chest, it's a leash. Yes. I am that parent now. If they wouldn't run away I wouldn't have to leash them. So I figure lost kids is worse than kids being treated like dogs.

Denver in July

We left Randy's Grandparents Monday July 11 for Denver. This portion of the trip was not quiet exciting. I worked Monday thru Saturday at the Coy's Equipped warehouse. They moved from Provo to Denver in January 2010. Seeing as how I do all the books for the company I found it weird that I had never even been there.

We stayed with Randy's sister Mandy. The kids were so excited to be with her kids all the time. Randy took the boy's out to do fun things everyday. This is where the sad part of our trip comes in. Two weeks after we arrived in Denver we were at a beach in Tampa. There we learned that Randy's phone and sea water don't mix well. So we are missing A LOT of pictures from our trip.

Being in Denver for a week gave us a chance to go eat at all of our favorite places and Randy a chance to see some friends from high school. 

However that Tuesday morning my car was hit while parked outside Mandy's house.
My poor car. It had never been in an accident. Thankfully the guy who hit us was nice and made sure we got everything taken care of in a timely manner.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Back!

I took a brief sabbatical from my blog. We were gone almost the whole month of July. Missing a month made me about four months behind. So finally I feel like my life is back in enough order to blog again. Also, Trevor is now stationed in Washington and he has been bothering me for a while to keep him updated here. So, Trevor, this is for you!

Like I mentioned, we were gone for 3 1/2 weeks in July. We had a crazy summer, so I'll give some brief recaps on what has been going on since I last left off.

First on our crazy vacation we went to Pueblo, CO to visit Randy's Grandparents and his Uncle Steve and his family. We left on Friday, July 8 and stayed until Monday. We all had so much fun!

 The boys helped Grandpa Mel get zucchini's out of his garden

One of the highlights was when Grandpa took the boys around on the lawn mower.
Tate & Grandpa

Trey Trey & Grandpa

The boys thought they were oh so cool, because they got to "drive" Grandpa's "tractor". We also went out with Randy's Uncle Steve and Aunt Stephanie to see the sights of Pueblo. At one of their parks in the summer they have rides for little kids.

Beck acted as I expected any child to act. He was excited, smiling and dragged his cousin Stevie on all the rides with him. As seen here

Tate and Trey however were so odd. They didn't smile on any ride. They had no facial expression at all. Most of the rides had some sort of steering wheel, which they refused to touch. They just sat there motionless, like this.
Trey is actually slightly smiling in this picture, which is surprising. However, the second the ride ended the twins started screaming and crying until they were back on another ride. And there they would sit, not smiling and motionless.

We all had so much fun in Pueblo. It was so relaxing and wonderful to spend time with great people!