Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ready to Drive

A couple days ago we took the twins to get haircuts. Randy took them in while Beck and I waited in the car. After a couple minutes Beck says "Mom can I drive?" I explained he couldn't drive until he was 16. We then counted from 3 to 16 to see how many years he had to wait. "But I want to drive NOW!" he cried and spent the next 10 minutes with a face like this
It's going to be a long 13 years of counting down for this kid!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend

East weekend was great! Saturday afternoon we colored our eggs. We tried to do it while the twins were sleeping, because two crazy boys and die didn't sound like a good combination, but Trey refused to nap. I think he sensed there was something fun going on without him. So we stuck him in his chair.

That evening we went over to my parents for dinner and they had an Easter egg hunt for the boys. This was Tate and Trey's first Easter egg hunt. They were just learning how to walk last year. They loved it! They thought the eggs were "balls". They were unaware that they contained candy at the time of the hunt. So it made it all the more exciting when we opened the eggs at the end.

Tate with his loot and his spoon

Beck finding all the candy
Tate was so thrilled that there was chocolate in the eggs that he would let anyone come near the bag of chocolate and insisted on carrying it the whole night.
And yes that is a cardboard wall that my parents have created to keep the twins from jumping off their fireplace. They never had to worry about Beck, but Tate and Trey are crazy! I'm grateful their heads are still intact!

Sunday morning we were visited by the Easter Bunny who hid eggs all over the front room. I put a gate up in the hallway so the kids couldn't sneak out and get into the candy ahead of time

This time Tate and Trey knew there was candy in the eggs. So after picking up each egg they wanted to open it and eat it. Our hunt took a very very long time. Following the hunt Randy made a nice breakfast for us all.

We then went to church with my in-laws. We survived another Sunday. I dread sacrament meeting, but we somehow always make it. We made it through this sacrament thanks to the wonderful people sitting behind us and their donation of fruit loops! The twins took a short nap after church and then off to Grandma and Grandpa Coy's for Easter dinner and their amazing egg hunt.

My mother-in-law always out does herself on holidays and this was no exception. The food was amazing and Kara made amazing chocolate strawberries. I won't say how many of those I ate. I'm trying to repress that.

The kids are released in order of age. So they get a head start from the older kids. When the twins were released Tate ran right for one of the kid cars to play in. There were eggs hidden on the seat of the car. The quickly threw them out and played in his car. Thus ending his egg hunt.

Trey ran to another of the cars, where eggs were also hidden. But once he saw the egg on his seat he got into the egg hunting mode and did quite well.

Beck was an animal! We had prepped him and told him that his older cousins were a lot faster than him and he better run as fast as he can to get all the eggs. He did just that! He made out with 3 prizes and $47! I don't have any pictures of the hunt becuase I was trying to coax Tate out of the car the whole time, but here are some pics of all the grandkids at the hunt.
This is probably the worst picture of all the other kids, but I love that Tate is hugging Trrey. They are all getting antsy because they are being forced to wait in the front room while Grandpa hid the eggs.

This is after the hunt and I love this picture because Tate and Trey are fighting over a plastic egg. We are missing 4 grandkids from these pictures. Ish, Sam, Savana and Thomas. Thomas was at the hunt but he is one of our two new additions being just over a month old. He was sleeping in the first pic and eating in the second.

Easter was such a great day! We watched movies about Christ and the resurrection that night and spent lots of time with family all weekend. I wish every weekend could be Easter weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black Out!

Thursday night we went out to Fuddruckers, because I had a birthday coupon for a free burger. Then we went to Baskin Robbins for their $0.31 scoop promotion. We came home to no power. I called Rocky Mtn Power to get an update of when we should expect power and they said they didn't know what was causing the outage and to not expect power for 3 hours. The odd part was the street lamp outside was shining brightly.

Beck couldn't grasp why the lights wouldn't turn on. He kept telling me to go get the batteries out of the drawer and fix it. Everything he tried to do required electricity. He was not pleased with this. Beck has a very real fear of monsters and has very dramatic dreams about them. So with the lack of light he was convinced monsters were causing this and they were going to get him. I let Beck have his own flashlight so he could shine the light on the "monsters" and see they weren't really there.

We read books and had lots of fun with shadow puppets. In some ways it was nice to be forced to simplify our life, but I was so grateful when the power came back on! Beck was so excited he went and turned all the lights on.

Around 3:30am I woke up to find the power went out again. I have no why I woke up. The lights were already off. This time on Rocky Mtn Power's website it stated there was a car accident causing the outtage. For some reason I feel very unsafe when the power it out. I guess I feel like the pillaging is going to happen at any moment. So I finally was able to fall back asleep around 4:45. The power flipped back on at 5:00am and woke me up. The smoke detectors beeped. Our phones beeped because they were charging again. The fridge started up again and our printers started up. It also woke up Beck who was convinced it was monsters come to get him again. So into our bed he came.

Not having power for the that brief time made me very grateful to have it today! Here's to hoping it's a long time until it goes out again.

Beck the Commedian

Beck is so commical lately. He just says the funniest things all the time! Here are two of my favorites.

His new favorite word is "apprently". The first time he used this word I had asked him to pick up his toys. I went into my bedroom to put away some laundry and came back out to the same mess I had left. I asked Beck, "Are you being a good boy and listening to what I tell you to do?" He replied "Apparently not!"

He uses this word multiple times a day. The thing that really gets me is he always uses it appropriately. I guess having a Dad who majored in English is rubbing off on him.

A couple of mornings ago the kids were eating breakfast as usual and suddenly Beck started to cry. I asked him what was wrong. He replied "You can't leave me at school all alone. You have to come with me!" "I have to stay with the Tate and Trey" I told him. "Take them to Grandma's house and you come with me"

I have no idea where this came from. We haven't talked to him about going to school for a while. He will be going to pre-school in the fall, but he is already nervous. I think he will be fine once he sees all the kids and he does just fine in primary. I just find it hilarious that he is already stressing over it!

I just wish I could listen to what he thinks about, because what he tells us always amazes us!

I'm back!

So I've been off the blogging train for the last couple weeks. Lots of crazyness going on! I was sick for a week and half with a dreadful cold. I've been super busy with work and the twins did something horrible that turns our lives upsidedown! They learned how to climb out of their crib.

Sunday, April 10, I woke up to go start breakfast and I heard the toys in the twins' room going off. I go in to find both boys playing with their toys, not in their bed. So Randy took the rail off the front of their crib and turned it into a toddler bed. We didn't want them to repeat this horrible action and injure themselves.

Once the bed was converted they thought it was cool they could climb in and out of the bed on their own. Then nap time came. Tate wouldn't nap at all. Trey would lay down as long as Randy layed on the floor next to him holding his hand and his nap was incredibly short. So we had two very cranky kids all afternoon and we were hoping they would fall asleep easier because they had been up most the day. No. Not my boys. They were up until midnight fighting this new bed.

The next two days went much the same. No naps and fighting them to sleep at night. I thought at some point they would snap out of it and get used to their new bed, but I was at my breaking point. I was getting nothing done becuase they were there all day long and crying most of the day. Beck was freaking out because he enjoys the time away from the twins he gets. He likes building with his legos and not having it instantly torn down. On Wednesday afternoon I decided I was going to break down and buy a tent to put over the crib so they couldn't climb out.

I looked online for one that was in stock here. No one had them. I couldn't bring myself to buy one online for the hefty prcie of $65.00. Of which I was sure the twins would somehow destroy. So we endured another horrible night.

Thursday morning I woke up and had an epiphany. Turn the crib around! It's a sleigh crib and they can't climb out the back! The sides are sloped so it would be more difficult to get out there as well. I woke Randy up and told him he had to put the crib back together before he went to work, because I didn't think I could survive another day of no napping. It worked! They stayed in their crib and napped happily. They went to bed that night and everyone was well rested.

Friday both twins escaped over the side. I thought it was all over again. I put them back in their crib and they didn't get out again. Tate is a very good climber and can scale anything, but it's difficult for him to get out of the crib on his own. So he doesn't do it anymore. He did it once and I think that was enough for him to know he could do it. Trey cannot get out on his own, but every morning now Tate lets him stand on him to get out. He then comes to get me while Tate is in the crib yelling "Help! Help! Mommy Help!" I don't know how they came to the conclusion that Tate should lay down and let Trey out but it has been happening everyday for 3 weeks. It seems to work well. They take naps, go to bed on time and no one has been injured. So I'll take it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mean Mom

When my kids do something naughty they have to put their nose on the wall. Sitting in time out didn't work. They needed a specific task and this one is feared by all. Usually the threat of their nose pressing up against the cold wall it enough to get them to stop their evil deeds. The other day they all got into trouble for getting into Mom's work stuff which required a punishment. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this

Beck follows the instruction very well as you can see. The twins touch their nose to the wall once and then lean up against it and cry until they are released two whole minutes later.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Fine Art of Eating

Tate and Trey are by far the messiest eaters I have come into contact with! For some reason they feel food should be on the outside of them, as well as the inside no matter how much I try to teach them otherwise. What fun is food if you can't play with it?

I would like to say that this was Tate's first experience eating a popcicle, but sadly no. He ends up this way every time.

This picture might be hard to tell, but this is Trey eating Mac & Cheese. It is smeared all over his face, shirt and of course his hair. Why wouldn't you rub your cheese covered hands through your hair. It made for a nice makeshift gell.

But after they are all clean for the night they look like this

So adorable! So angelic! Here they are watching Toy Story 3. Tate is wearing his Buzz Lightyear wings. Perhaps there will be a day in our future where we can eat without immediately taking a bath afterwards.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

Oh how I love General Conference. It's so nice to have a spiritual recharge! A couple weeks ago my mom was spring cleaning her home and came upon my old Conference Bingo games. I quickly snatched those up excited to try them out when conference arrived. I was amazed at how well Beck did!
Since almost everything has a picture he was able to listen and play all by himself. He enjoyed eating marshmallows and we enjoyed a little more peace while listening to the talks.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things you shouldn't do

Since Randy is at preisthood session tonight our dinner plans were not amazing. My kids would eat Mac & Cheese every day for every meal if I let them. Tonight they got what they wanted. I had some left over Mac and Cheese I was going to mix in at the end. After 10 minutes of cooking all my kids, the twins especially, were screaming for their Mac & Cheese. I had just worked out and desperatly wanted to rest, so when I set the tupperware down I did this

That's right. I set the bowl on the burner, which wasn't still on, just extremly hot. And to top it all off I now have a lovely melting plastic smell in our home.

Baby Henry is 1!

On Friday we went to our cousin Henry's first birthday party. Look how beautiful this boy is!

His mom made that awesome cake, that tasted awesome too and this adorable mobile and sign

My kids had a blast and woke up this morning asking to go back to Baby Henry's house.